Who is this treatment for?

The treatment is indicated for people over 12 years, especially important for patients with migraine, obesity, constipation, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, premature aging and hypertrophy of prostate and benign tumors.

This treatment is assessed by the Medical Council.

• Goal of Treatment

Recovery of Health through the Organic Detoxification (Remove of Free Radicals-toxins) and re-feeding education.

Acquisition of knowledge of the benefits of Healthy Eating, Vital Energy and its relationship with the Longevity 126 years.

• How is the treatment?

1st - Stage:

An evaluation is realized by Visual Diagnostics, which provides an analysis of the general health of the patient, through the filming of the eyes, nails and tongue (Traditional Chinese Medicine). With this procedure (Reading signs) can detect early problems that can not be diagnosed by traditional forms of diagnosis, thereby enabling the prevention of possible problems. The visual diagnosis has the ability to reach a basic diagnostic approximate 80%.

2nd - Stage:

A Traditional Medical Consultation (Anamnesis) is realized and explained with details in the physique examination. In this Step laboratory exams will be asked to expand the initial visual diagnosis. With these figures increased to 95% the level of diagnostics.



3rd - Stage:

The TPDO (Tratamento para Desintoxicação Orgânica) - (Treatment for Organic Detoxification), that the patient will participate in a treatment program natural and integrated for 5 (five) days, receiving intensive treatment. The therapeutic procedures used are:
Chillán-Shiatsu, Lymphatic Massage, Claytherapy, Gymnastics, Hydrotherapy, Diet Therapy, cupping,
Scrub Therapy, Eletronic Acupuncture, Hidrocolontherapy, Gumming Massage, the  modern machine Infrared Long-"Photon Dome", which helps in weight loss, detoxification, and removal of toxins .
After this process will be held mineralogram (Examination of minerals using hair).

With the results of Mineralogram, will be prescribed replacement mineral-Ortomolecular. So will be directed a personalized diet.

4th - Stage:

The patient will be monitored for a period of 6 (six) months, during this will be held:

Clinical returns (3 at least), with the aim of monitoring the treatment in question, diet and natural medicines.

Pay attention to some items:

Give more value to your health, which is nothing more than your own life. You can and should live hard every day of its existence, 126 years! But for this, should focus your choices, in the way of being, living, and mainly about the food you eat every day. Achieve Longevity and Quality of Life-3 cycles of 42 years. Not be polluted with bad habits such as poor diet, pollution, stress, and the way you manage your everyday problems.
Know that the obstacles that may appear in your life, are nothing more than tests, to help you in your Evolution.
Avoid the development of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular, obesity, premature aging, depression and even cancer. Discover a new way of being, giving yourself entirely to the care of Integrative Medicine, which provides a real reversal in different clinical aspects.
You are invited to be happy ... Enjoy!

SHIS QL 20 ; CONJ 02; CASA 18

 CEP: 71.650-125

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