Treatment Proposal

Organic Detoxification

• 1st - Stage:

The interested ones will receive on the date and time arranged, a Medical Evaluation, "Visual Diagnosis" (pre-consultation), where by the recording of the face, tongue and nails, you know about the aspect of Physiognomy (Chinese Medicine) – organ with foci toxic, level of toxicity in Free Radicals (tongue) and lack of minerals (nails).

Note: This methodology is used by the traditional Chinese medicine, where the signals showed by the body are recognized. Brazilian Medicine, used part of this type of diagnosis, when more than thirty years, doctors, examined the patient, as a whole, and had in the Tongue the opportunity to access their degree of toxicity, or better, the severity of the disease.

After the evaluation, the patient will receive a medical report, which shall include:

1-Level-Toxicity by tongue.
2-Location of Focus Toxic by Iris Reading according to the Map of the Brazilian Medical Association of Iridology.
3-Lack of Minerals, by reading the nails, stretch marks and dimples.

For this the person should stay without brushing the tongue and to remove the nail enamel thumbs before the evaluation.

This examination brings the ability to come to the conclusion about 80-85% of clinical diagnoses.

• 2nd - Stage:

With date and time scheduled, the patient will be evaluated again by the Medical by the conventional system (Brazilian traditional medicine).
In addition the patient will do a physical examination and the patient’s history (case history) will be analyzed the following tests:

Blood: Complete blood count, urea, creatinine, uric acid, glucose. Complete lipid profile (Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDLVLDL), PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen (only for men).

Urine: EAS (routine, type 1)

Scans: Upper abdomen and vaginal (women only), and prostate, for men over thirty years.

• 3rd - Stage:

Treatment for Detoxification Organic (TFDO)

This is a hospitalization where a generally check will be applied using Millenary Methodologies -16 types of Therapies. Most of them are techniques known for the humanity (China, Japan, Korea, India, Europe), for more than 5.000 years ago!

They are knowledgement that the humanity were acquiring, and preserving the best ones.

Our job is to research the scientific part of each one, to select the best and coordinate their application. Organizing a true harmony between these techniques and knowledge of our traditional Allopathic Medicine-USP.

Period: 5 (five) days in hospital (usually in Farm-Hotel with all the infrastructure).
The group will be formed with at least 15 people.
Transport to the treatment place and back will be by the patient responsibility. The rooms Will be in Apartment, for two or three people.
On the first day, as the work will start at 13:00, there will be no interruption of work.

Daily Schedule to be developed during the treatment:


• Will be offered individually needles for the Acupuncture during the treatment. They will be conditioned in glass tubes with the identification of and will be taken by each person.

• The “Slender Tubes (pipos) of Hydrocolontherapy (Intestine Cleaner) are also individual, being kept in plastic containers with the patient’s name.

Diet during the Five days of the treatment:

• In the first two days: will be liquid, juice will be served every two hours, with different flavors, from 08h am until 20h. Sweetened with brown sugar or Stevia sweetener.

• On the third day: fruits will be served alternating with fruit juices, also every two hours.

• On the fourth day: raw salad will be served on lunch time at 13h pm and dinner at 19h pm, in addition juices and fruits to every two hours.

• On the fifth day: Demonstrative Breakfast. Demonstrative lunch will be served at 13h, with different menus of food cooked and raw.

The groups will rotate daily, according to the times.

Healthcare - 24 hours during the five days of the treatment.

• Set sweats for Gym Classes;
• A pair of sneakers;
• Bath Output;
• Swimsuit  (two units);
Men: trunks (two units) + robe;
Ladies: bikini or two parts (2 units) + robe;
• Two dark color towels to use after claytheraphy;
• A pair of flip flops;
• A raincoat/or umbrella (if its raining);
• A capo r a hat;
• Sunblock;
• Shorts and singlet;
• Camera or Video Camera(optional);
• A plastic bag to carry bath things.

Note: Take medicines (remedies) that are taking. The patients should taking their medications, can change only with medical advice.

Fee: Will be charged for early booking. This value will be deducted from the total treatment.

Payment: Can be divided into ten (10) installments and must happen before the start of work.

Contract: will be signed between parts in two ways, at the time of registration.

All necessary documents will be provided for the possible return of the money, such as:

• Medical Report;
• Bill with the procedure and cost (Table of Brazilian Medical Association – AMB);
• Medical Reports;
• Receipt.

Several Health Insurance have already Reimbursement (repayments) of this treatment, reaching 80% of total.

• 4th - Stage:

After the hospitalization of 5 (five) days (TPDO) will be requested:
Examination of Minerals (Mineral gram), important for completion of diagnosis, for both will be collected hair.
For that the patient has to stay without dye his/her hair for 90 days, or at least on the neck.

• For men, let their hair untrimmed, and without dye for 90 days. For collect 1 (one) tablespoon of wires.

With the results from this examination, will be prescribed a Guideline with Minerals Replacement, by Orthomolecular. And also a personalized diet.

In this last step, the patient will be monitored for a period of 6 (six) months, during that three consecutive trials will be held, with the goal of verify the progress of the treatment in a matter of diet and Natural Medicines.

Distribution of Activities and Times, during the 5 days of hospitalization:



Time Activities
08:00h to 09:00h Physics Exercises for all (Gymnastics), during an hour.
09:00h to 18:00h Individual Activities:
  Acupunture Eletronic-45 minutes.
   Shiatsu Massage-mapping of the Meridians
  • Hydrocolontherapy-clean intestine-take out of fecalitos.
   Massage Lymphatic stimulation of the elimination of free radicals.
   Cupping-mechanical removal of toxins by the back.
   Massage gomage-osmosis-release of toxins through the pores.
   Massage Ayuryérica stimulus for release the toxins.
   Massage-Holistic-Integrative Approach body
   Abhyanga Massage | Shirodhara-Pineal-stimulating the production of serotonin-Neuro-transmitter.
   Watsu(warm- pool)-emotional unlocking.
  Photon Dome (Infrared Device Long)-stimulation output Radicals-Detoxification.
18:00h to 19:00h Rest.
20:00h to 22:00h Lectures about health with dynamics groups, with Dr.Vinholis
22:00h Go to sleep.


SHIS QL 20 ; CONJ 02; CASA 18

 CEP: 71.650-125

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